Netflix Linux client coming soon!

Well in 12 months or so…

About time in my eyes, i have been waiting for along time for more of the “Well Known” applications available on Windows/OSX to be available on Linux as a native app. I myself stream lots of video from the likes of youtube etc… but specific applications for renting movies has had to be a job using virtualbox.

The news comes from  Benjamin Kerensa who went to this years Open Source Convention and managed to get a few words with some of the software engineers from Netflix

I spent the entire last week networking at OSCON 2011 (Open Source Convention) in addition to running the Ubuntu Booth. One of the excellent networking opportunities I had was to sit down for about fifteen minutes with two engineers from Netflix who happen to use Ubuntu personally and when I called Netflix out for not having a solution to make Netflix Instant work on all Linux systems they told me that in fact Netflix has some engineers working on a proprietary client for Linux that should be available in the next 12 months.

The engineers from Netflix were hardcore Linux users themselves and advocates of Open Source and shared my frustration that Netflix had not made headway a lot sooner. They indicated that although work is underway it is not a priority project which is why it may take up to 12 months.

For obvious reasons (non-disclosure agreements etc.) I cannot divulge the Netflix employees names but I’m happy they did even tell me of this excellent progress they are making and how internally they are standing up for the Linux community.

I am very excited about the news, mite tip over well known applications to dip there toe in the Linux world.

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